Well, thanks very much Dr. Nichols. (81K)

Any problems? (27K)

Who'd you get to do that? (53K)

So did you enjoy your first visit to the nuthouse? (202K)

When did you get so avid about the fitness thing, Dignan? (248K)

High intensity! (138K)

Man, you got another ball! (36K)

The things Dignan's not supposed to touch (61K)

You told your friend Bernice... (57K)

Bob Maplethorpe, potential getaway driver, go! (24K)

I think there's a real air of mystery about me. (27K)

I'm a risk taker. (82K)

You've really gotten in the bad habit... (52K)

Little kids are cute. (35K)

What has she ever accomplished with her life that's so great, man? (35K)

But I think I know what you've been going through, man. (216K)

What the fuck is this? (19K)

I don't suppose either one of you know why Bob's car's parked out front? (91K)

Bob, you were told to thoroughly clean the pool! (68K)

One morning, over at Elizabeth's beach house... (211K)

You're callin' me a bully? (111K)

Are the explosives really necessary? (94K)

Say it again. (48K)

He's out. (56K)

What are you putting that tape on your nose for? (37K)

Bob! (55K)

Excuse me sir, we're closed. (121K)

Do you have bigger bags? (46K)

Success! Full success! (115K)

Let me say one thing: Bob gets the Spirit Award on this case. (177K)

You son of a bitch! (54K)

And also because he fired me. (542K)

On the run from Johnny Law. (48K)

You hear that? (19K)

The only thing that I've learned so far is that crime does not pay. (160K)

Then you, my dear friend, are a damned fool! (105K)

My name is Jerry and this is my associate Cornelius. (40K)

Anthony, I have got to talk to you! (175K)

No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk! (34K)

You guys mind if I take a dip? (102K)

No no no no no no no no! (67K)

He has no character, man. (20K)

Tell me, what's it like working with her? (200K)

You're going to see a side of Dignan that you haven't seen before. (90K)

Don't apologize to me. (116K)

Hola amigo! (100K)

Boy, that guy was a real chatterbox, wasn't he? (103K)

I'm callin' my gang! (73K)

If you don't mind I'd rather not relive it. (128K)

Then we're going to have to hotwire a car. (59K)

Tell Anthony I love him. (147K)

What a lemon! (191K)

Pointless act! (13K)

Don't threaten me. (50K)

And my name's Dignan, man, so what? (26K)

Please, don't lay that on me now, man... (52K)

They remind me of Dignan in that way. (58K)

He's pourin' more water on me. (18K)

It's called Hinckley Cold Storage. (123K)

He looks like a little banana. (68K)

Did you see what he had on? (90K)

You've gotta get me one of these jumpsuits. (99K)

Done deal! (14K)

What are you guys drinkin'? (68K)

Backyard, right now! (27K)

My work is fingerwork. (93K)

Jackson said that you told him I ran away from home, Jack. (169K)

I hope this doesn't offend you. (101K)

What a welcome, Bob. (46K)

There you away, just like you always do. (36K)

We got it, man. (65K)

Oh's one of your little drawings. (89K)

I liked her. (123K)

No he wasn't translating, it was in English. (53K)

He's just a mixed up kid. (16K)

The word on the street... (127K)

Birddog to Scarecrow. (32K)

Jackknife? (16K)

Negatory, we're all clear. (20K)

Kumar, are you OK? (114K)

Are you nervous? (24K)

Who's that man? (54K)

There it is! (110K)

You're always at lunch now! (39K)

Who tripped the alarm? (102K)

Man, I blew it. (116K)

Who is in charge here? (61K)

They'll never catch me, man... (52K)

Anyway, I said to the DA that cop who hit me must have given me CRS disease. (196K)

So is Mr. Henry going to come by and see me, or...what? (170K)

It kind of touched me. (169K)

We did it though, didn't we? (92K)

And Bob, remember, shield me from the bullets! (161K)

Isn't it funny how you used to be in the nut-house and now I'm in jail? (35K)

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